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No rules - just get the job done.

The International Rehabilitation Forumís whole strategy is to get the job of advancing medical rehabilitation done. Any way we can. With anyone who can help. So join with us! There are many ways you can do this:

Become a part of the IRF movement!:

You can join as one of three ways:

  1. Professional Advisory Group.
  2. Community Advisory Group.
  3. University Department.

We donít have formal membership. That makes it easier for our university partners and others to work with us. But you can join with us. Share your ideas with us, work on fundraisers and projects, and attend our meetings. Act as a resource for others who may need your skill, efforts, or connections. JOIN PROCESS TBD

Have your academic institution support us.

Ask the leadership of your universityís Rehabilitation Medicine department or allied health department to join as a partner to the IRF, and as an official member of the academic consortium The International Rehabilitation Forum, housed at the University of Michigan. The academic support and credibility help all of us to strengthen our efforts.

Use us.

The IRF is a tax-exempt organization in the United States. If you have a project that needs fundraising - maybe a trip, or some donations to a local clinic, or a research project - contact the IRF to see if you qualify to have the project adopted by the IRF. That means donations will be tax-exempt and donors will see that youíre part of a larger group.


We operate as a virtual organization with volunteer staff and very few formal resources. Your donation can either help us build our home base or go towards work in a particular area. Your donation enables the IRF to continue and expand its work around the world. By making a monthly, one-time or targeted donation the IRF can invest it in programs and projects that impact people around the globe.

Or directly by mail:

1646 NW Crest Pl Corvallis, OR 97330



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