Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund

The International Rehabilitation Forum continues to support efforts to help victims of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal recover from the disaster and rebuild their lives. IRF's Tom Haig has been volunteering on the ground at the Spinal Injury Resource Center (SIRC) in the capitol, Kathmandu, since January 2016, producing promotional and training videos and assisting in various support projects. He recently reported:

"The SIRC is a very clean, very modern rehabilitation clinic that currently has 60 beds. There’s a nearly finished expansion that will increase capacity to 200. There is only one part-time doctor, but there are more than 20 professional nurses, social workers, physical therapists and occupational therapists making sure each patient goes through their rehabilitation regime every day. There are another 20 employees who take care of administration, peer counseling, vocational training and a crack staff of wheelchair repairmen. And there’s another group that does all the cooking, cleaning and driving of various vehicles."

Tom will soon be traveling to remote areas of Nepal as part of the SIRC's outreach efforts for victim's of last year's devastating earthquake. As a T12 paraplegic of 20 years, Tom's infectious enthusiasm provides encouragement to many who are recently injured.

Dr. Raju Dhakal of Nepal
Resident in PM&R Dhaka, Bangladesh

You can follow Dr. Dhakal's progress via the IRF's page.


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The IRF is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and is authorized to collect disaster relief funds. All funds collected will be disseminated in country as determined by Dr. Raju Dhakal, a Nepalese national who is taking time from his residency in PM&R at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University in Dhaka to help his countrymen. If you would like a donation receipt for tax purposes, please contact Tom Haig and he will send you a .pdf receipt.


IRF Film Festival

In 2013, IRF Communication Director Tom Haig traveled to Bangladesh, Albania and Ghana to observe how people with physical handicaps conduct their daily lives. Watch their touching stories below.
  • IRF 101
    A short film describing the purpose of the IRF

  • Captian Crip Goes to Dhaka
    A 20-minute recap of the 2012 IRF Conference on Rehabilitation in Rural and Low Resource Nations.
    French Version Here.

  • IRF Visits Ghana
    A 30-minute film on the current state of rehab medicine in Ghana.

  • IRF Visits Albania
    A 22-minute film on the current state of rehab medicine in Shkoder, Albania.




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